Community Impact Consortium

We Assist Communities Seeking to Disrupt Complex Social Problems

Disrupt Complex Social Problems

The Community Impact Consortium is a social problem solving network of organizations, led by the Wei LAB at UW–Madison, that catalyzes and supports community-based social change efforts. The structure and scope of the Consortium is largely informed by responding to Grand Challenges that impact communities of color. Namely, engagement with My Brother’s Keeper—a critical community imperative requiring strategic alignment of organizations, policy, resources, and data to have collective, longitudinal impacts on reducing inequalities, particularly in education, workforce development, and criminal justice. Consortium Members and Sponsors obtain real-time information, empirical leadership, organizational insights, and analytic solutions that drive their civic priorities forward. Through a collective and aligned agenda, we can make a difference.

Pencil Drawing of StudentsReal Time Analytic Tools. Unique access to transformational proprietary tools that translate data, generate visualizations, and provide infrastructure and project management.

Access to Research and Best Practices. Timely seminars, institutes, webinars, and multi-media materials on relevant topics intended to inform policy agendas and community-based strategies.

Interdisciplinary Equity Partnerships. Members can design and solicit research/extramural funding to directly respond to relevant community based priorities, needs, and interests.

Strategic Partnership Development. Organizational Consulting & Member Liaison allow for in-depth relationships and subject matter expertise.

Volunteer and Pro Bono Community Service Database. A portal that helps community members support efforts through volunteerism and donated services.

Support the Consortium

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