Translational Projects

Annual International Colloquium on Black Males in Education

Beyond the gameWei LAB co-sponsored the first annual “Global Research on the Black Male Educational Pipeline Colloquium: International Perspectives to Inform Local Solutions” held in November, 2012 at the University of Leeds in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The colloquium served as a space for researchers to exchange ideas and examine the global dynamics of Black males in the educational pipeline.

It successfully gathered researchers from numerous universities and institutions within and outside of the United Kingdom to discuss and highlight international perspectives on realities for Black males in Education. The colloquium commenced with a “Graduate School Academy,” allowing undergraduate and graduate student participants to take part in workshops designed to enhance their academic and professional profiles.

The conference was successful in catalyzing discussions and ideas to improve the experiences of Black males. The conference, held annually, will continue to address the Black male educational pipeline and encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Beyond the Game: Maximizing Post-Graduation Outcomes for Student-Athletes

Funded by the Lumina Foundation for Education and the University of Pennsylvania

Beyond the gameKurt A. David appropriately notes “100% of pro athletes ultimately experience job termination.” This is an inescapable reality for all student-athletes, especially those who do not get to play professionally. In response to this reality, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has developed an initiative to strengthen the post-graduation trajectories for student-athletes. The program is open to all student-athletes. Black male student-athletes are strongly encouraged to participate as research has shown that they are less likely to graduate than their peers. The program was designed in a manner that harnesses curricular, co-curricular, and on the field leadership training to strategically develop and support post-graduation options.  This comprehensive multi-faceted program is referred to as The Beyond the Game Initiative (BTG). BTG directly confronts the challenge of student-athletes expiring their eligibility to play without identifying viable career alternatives to professional sports. In turn, the initiative will utilize comprehensive career counseling and support services to expose athletes in general, and Black male student-athletes in particular to post-graduation options. The Wei LAB assisted with the technical design of this program and manages the research and evaluation activities for this grant.