Community Resources Alignment Strategy

The Wei LAB is committed to action, innovation, and the sharing of resources as we join with partners to address longstanding obstacles to achievement, access, and opportunity in our community. Our goal is to strengthen existing community-based efforts by sharing tactical insights, evidence, and analytic capabilities across a network of community champions, helping to better strategically align efforts across wide-ranging sectors to streamline progress toward achieving our shared goals.

The 2015 operational campaign of the Wei LAB is to “adopt a problem solving mindset,” particularly in education and the workforce. The Resources Inventory is a growing knowledge management portal of relevant and timely information informed by our community resources alignment network. Information reflects key community interests and efforts activated locally, statewide, and nationally.

We invite policymakers, practitioners, and concerned citizens to follow us on Facebook (Wei LAB) and to use this portal to find and identify available expertise on particular topics of interest, and to engage in dialogue to strengthen our efforts and inform our results seen across Wisconsin and the world.