Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Grand Commission on Young African American MalesCommunity Partner: Grand Social Action Committee

Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity established the Grand Social Action Committee in 1973, which was first chaired by the Pioneering Chemist Percy L. Julian. While social action efforts existed prior to the establishment of the Grand Social Action Committee, the Fraternity felt strongly it was time to institutionalize the efforts:

[b]ecause of the critical nature of American and world society at [the] time, which seemingly will continue for the foreseeable future, the membership of Sigma Pi Phi, both as individuals and as an organization, must use the intelligence, training, position of leadership, and all the powers at its command to influence change for the better. (Reed, 2015, p. 391)

Under the leadership of Dr. Jackson, with the technical support of Wisconsin’s Equity and Inclusion Laboratory (Wei LAB), the Grand Social Action Committee’s strategic priorities: (a) Boulé Scholars Program, (b) My Brother’s Keeper Partnership, (c) Network of Boulé Scholarship Alumni, (d) Healthy Lifestyle, (e) Lead Tainted Drinking Water, (f) Diversifying the Youth Golf Pipeline, (g) Intergenerational Wealth Creation and Transfer, and (h) Collective Impact Initiative.

Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity is best known as the Boulé, a Greek term meaning “council of noblemen.” Founded in 1904, Sigma Pi Phi is the oldest Greek-letter organization comprised primarily of African American men. The Boulé has approximately 4,000 members throughout the world. Its membership consists of some of the most accomplished, affluent and influential men—leaders who are making lasting contributions to their communities, our society, and the world.